Maria and Kangkang went to call a taxi.为什么句中的call不用过去式?

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Maria and Kangkang went to call a taxi.为什么句中的call不用过去式?

你有没有发现 went是用过去时


to do sth


Maria and Kangkang went to call a taxi.为什么句中的call不用过去式? 英语翻译Kangkang:Help yourselves!Michael:Thank you.I would like an egg and some fish.Kangkang:would you like some eggs,Maria?Maria:No,thanks.I'd like some chicken.Kangkang:What about you,Jane?Jane:Rice and chicken ,please.Kangkang:All right.What 一题初一下英语首字母填空.It's F____ 1st today.Maria and Jane are on the way to the shop.Kangkang's b____ is coming.They will buy birthday p___for Kangkang.Maria looks at a r_____ box first,but she doesn't think it's very nice.She doesn't Kangkang and I ( ) from China KangKang:Hi!How are you doing?Jane:Very well,thank you.You look excited.Why?Maria:Relly?What movie are they going to see?KangKang:The Sound of Music.Jane:Oh,it is one of my favorte movies.When are they going?KangKang:This Saturday.And we can spend th 英语翻译(Kangkang,Maria and Jane are taling in a room.The wind outside is blowing strongly)Kangkang:What bad weather!The wind is blowing strongly With lots of sand.I can't see anything,and my face hurt while I was waling down the street just now. 英语的改为同义句题1.Tom was very sorry for his words(改为同义句)Tom was very sorry for_____ _____ _____.2、With Maria and Jane's help,Kangkang had great fun learning English.(改为同义句)_____ _____ _____ _____ Maria and Ja Hello Kangkang,I am Michael,Are you Jane?No,I am Maria. Maria sits ------ Lucy and Lily. they are kangkang and jane 对划线部分提问划线的是kangkang and jane 英语高手请进 English1.Michael,Kangkang,Maria and Jane got ___ well with one another in the past three yearsA.on B.along C.touch D.A and D2.The two brothers ran ___ the road shouting Fire!Fire!A.over B.along D.with Maria and I am from Canada.改错 I and Maria are assmates的意思 英语翻译Jane:Do you know about Craig Kielburger?Kangkang:Yes.He is from Canada and he started Free the Children.Michael:He was only twelve years old when he started to help poor children.Maria:Yes.Free the Children has built over 700 school rooms Look at this photo.The girl in a yellow dress is maria.She is tall.She has short brown hair.Michael is strong.He has blond hair,Jane is in a purple T-shirt and a pink skir.Her hair is red,The boy in a white T-shirt is KangKang.His pants are blue.They They are Michael and kangkang .(划线提问)_ Ther are kangkang and Jane.变成提问句 Maria来自哪里?用英语怎么说下列句子用英语怎么说你来自哪里?我来自中国.Maria来自哪里?她来自古巴他来自古巴吗?你的名字是什么?我的名字是Kangkang.