second chance的歌词 网上好像没有我想要的 酷猪上的那首second chance 说一点啊 歌手Rjbofhiphop

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second chance的歌词 网上好像没有我想要的 酷猪上的那首second chance
说一点啊 歌手Rjbofhiphop

I know i said things to make you upset so many choices i request so many people they respect.each other we expect i know we thought to forgive.if i could have second chance and second life to release. i tried move along hamle that i stand up rap face planning.they know this trouble. i can free alone. salary never volunteered.i mean this can see the waste fact I get heard. but i never listen suppose to see the vision.yeah this words i missing.never thought ive being in prison but who amI?never thought the pain that i see you cry.when can you reaching another world but can be reaching your mind(now i can reachingyour mind)how can you need so far away lying by my side(lying by my side)how can i be who i am without you.when its so hard tobreath without to be as a suspect we can help us. i felt numb .when i look your eyes i told time. i tried to make a lot of survivors. but understand below chance that you would be i focused a better life.forget to give a hip that you were my side.just me in the wide.i make a smile look ahead.the way that you care.the way you always expected that would be there just want let you know. catch let me go.i was holding you i watch you grow.will talk but i enjoy they shit made me.itfeels cold they hear they dont regret me. breath they even natural heard me.i know with friends.I hope you never leave me­
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